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Investigation into RSPCA leak

A HUGE investigation is to take place is to take place due to the speculation surrounding an RSPCA council leak that resulted in a Watchdog report.

The programme broadcast last October revealed the RSPCA may not be providing the protection of animals which they promise with regard to Freedom Food farms. Watchdog suggested that the RSPCA were not monitoring the scheme appropriately when filming at some of the so-called Freedom Food farms revealed a less than ‘free’ set-up.

The RSPCA has claimed since the programme has been broadcast they have had substantial losses of money, including donations, legacies and memberships.

However The Daily Telegraph has been privy to confidential minutes of a council meeting which dispose a rift within the council as to whether the investigation should indeed go ahead. There also appear to be discrepancies regarding the clause which stops council members speaking to the media. This latter point has brought to light as an anonymous member of the council condemned the scheme to the BBC.

It has been estimated by a RSPCA source that the investigation could cost up to £90,000. A sum of money which one member of the council was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying “It’s ridiculous, people are giving money to the RSPCA for animal welfare and this is how it is being spent.

“The same day we were talking about the deficit and millions of pounds in cuts. All the RSPCA’s plans have been cut back yet money for this investigation was voted straight through.”


Although denying there had been any cuts a spokesperson for the RSPCA did however confirm plans had been put on hold “Money we would invest in new projects is being held up a for a matter of weeks when it will be reviewed. The money for the investigation hasn’t been fixed but will be approved by the treasurer.

“It’s good corporate governance to investigate this. We are under pressure from the Charity Commission to investigate these leaks.”

The aim of the investigation is to discover who spoke to the BBC and as already begun. Members of the council have been asked declare that they were not involved by signing a witness statement.