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Mindless vandals attack on Manchester Dogs’ Home

THE KENNELS at Manchester Dogs’ Home have recently undergone extensive refurbishment. To make life more enjoyable for the dogs on the rehoming row, outside runs have been provided so the dogs can get some fresh air.

Also, they can be decamped into these runs whilst their sleeping and eating quarters are cleaned out. Other improvements include tiling of the walls and floors to improve hygiene. This work has cost many thousands of pounds, which the Home can ill afford.

On Thursday 28th February 2002, at approx 10.30pm vandals forced their way into the kennel block leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The damage included tearing back the fencing around the perimeter fence. Once inside the kennel block, the vandals proceeded to smash the glass in the double-glazed panels and doors. The Deputy Kennel Manager, Mr Colin Balance, attended at the Home to investigate after the burglar alarm was set off. He said “The floors to the kennels were covered in broken glass and it is a wonder the dogs didn’t cut their feet to pieces. The dogs must have been terrified with all the noise and broken glass flying around”.

Kennel management and staff have been left bewildered at the reason for this attack. Nothing was taken from the Home, it seemed just a mindless act of vandalism. The ones to suffer are the dogs, of course.

The Home appeals to anyone who has any information to contact them on 0161-205 2874 or ring Grey Mare Lane police station.