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Second charity auction raises another £16,000

Lot 45 - the P J Mene bronze which sold for £800

FOR THE second successive year the Kennel Club Charitable Trust Appeal auction attracted considerable interest on the fourth and final day of the show. Like last year it raised £16,000, the greatest proportion of which will go to the appeal.

The auctioneer was Kennel Club member Mr Nicholas Bonham of Bonham’s of London, who was on his hind legs for almost three hours to clear the 183 lots which ranged from pottery and prints to paintings, bronzes and books.

This year nothing topped the £1000 mark although a 19th century buttonhole pin featuring the head of a toy spaniel prompted brisk bidding up to £950. Next highest was a beautiful P J Mene bronze ‘The Open Fan’ which went for £800 after strong competition from the floor.

Last year the ‘star of the show’ was the Gourlay Steell original oil of the Deerhound bran which made £8500 - this year a limited edition print of the same painting was sold for £105.

A head study in watercolour of a Pekingese by Bolton born artist Reuben Ward Binks was knocked down for £650 to an American buyer whilst there was also interest in several Maud Earl photogravures portraying gundogs.

It was interesting to see some contemporary works coming into the catalogue for the first time.

In the silver section very reasonable prices were the order of the day as club spoons and Crufts medals moved quickly. One buyer even paid £55 for a Kennel Club silver (1923) napkin ring ‘honestly stolen from the club’ according to the auctioneer! The same bidder paid £15 each (£60) for a lot of four hallmarked silver spoons in immaculate condition.

In the books section the dealers cleaned up with a collection of the Dog Lover’s Library series books going to America and, for the first time, OUR DOGS Annuals appearing as a lot.

Four pre 1900 KC Stud Books sold for £185 whilst 36 more recent editions averaged £3.50 each

Lot 106 - an atmospheric over painted photograph c 1890 of
The Hawkestone Otterhounds with master and huntsmen which sold for £100.

Lot 88 - a watercolour head study of a Pekingese by Reuben Ward Binks which made £650