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Championship Show Update

Blackpool corrections

OUR DOGS has been asked to point out the following corrections to the schedule for 2002.
Gordon Setters the judge is Mrs M Jarosz and not as stated in the schedule; Golden Retriever (dogs) judge:- Mrs E A Pope; Golden Retriever (bitches) judge:- Ms P A Gowland; Bedlington Terriers :- Have K.C. Challenge Certificates – entry £18; Japanese Shiba Inu :- Have K.C. Challenge Certificates – entry £18; Norfolk Terriers :- do not have K.C. Challenge Certificates as stated entry £12.
A full list of judges will appear in next week’s issue

UK Toydog’s early start

WOULD PAPILLON exhibitors please note that judging will now commence at 8.30am at the forthcoming UK Toy Dog Society championship show.