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Chihuahuas stolen from top breeder

TWO CHIHUAHUA puppies were stolen in broad daylight from the home of top breeder Margaret Greening (Hamaja) who is also the OUR DOGS’ South West regional writer. Both pups were due to be campaigned in the forthcoming show season by Mrs Greening, and there is an indication that they were specifically targeted by the thief or thieves.

The puppies - a dog and a bitch - both littermates aged four months at the time of the theft, were stolen between 2pm and 4pm on Thursday, February 28 from an outdoor kennel/doghouse in Mrs Greening’s garden at her home in Foscotes, near Grittleton, north Wiltshire.

“It was a sunny day and quite warm, so I’d let two of my adult dogs out in a lawn run,” said Mrs Greening. “The puppies were in the kennel run, along with a third, older puppy, although they were not locked in. I was out the time and when I returned, the inner kennel door was closed but the two younger puppies were gone. Neither of the adults had been taken, which leads me to believe that the thieves knew exactly what they were after.

“It’s impossible to see the doghouses or even the lawn from the lane leading to our house, so I don’t think any passing, opportunist thief would have any idea there were dogs there. Nor do I believe it was the work of the run-of-the-mill dognappers, as no demands have been made for the return of the puppies.”

Mrs Greening has notified the police, posted advertisements in the local press, on the internet and around the general area. She has also informed the Kennel Club in case anybody tries to register two Chihuahua pups matching her dogs’ description.

Both puppies are smoothcoat, bred out of dam Hamaja Elsie May and sire Buster Brown of Hamaja. The dog puppy is Hamaja Musketeer and is fawn coloured with a distinctive black mask. The bitch puppy, Hamaja Mulberry is solid red fawn colour, with a quite heavy coat for a smoothcoat Chihuahua. Both weigh approximately 1.5 lb. Neither is tattooed or microchipped.

There is a reward for information leading to the safe return of the puppies.
Please contact Margaret Greening on: 01249-783522.