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Symposium move to Loughborough

THE UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists’ Symposium for 2002 will be held at Loughborough University on Saturday October 5th.

The programme this year will look at various factors which affect behaviour. The morning lecturer is Sheila Hamilton Andrews, MSc, SRN and Chairman of the UKRCB. Sheila will be talking about how the thyroid gland in the dog functions and how its misfunction manifests itself in a dog’s behaviour. The thyroid gland has a central role in all areas of a dog’s life and undiagnosed Hypothyroidism is often overlooked in behaviour modification.

In the afternoon, Anne Bussey, MSc., member of the UKRCB and APBC, looks at factors which affect competition and dogs’ success. Anne’s years as a top class competitor and her many courses make her the obvious choice for discussion of how to get the best from dogs, be they competition or pet dogs.

Both lectures are based on the lecturers’ successful MSc. dissertations for Southampton University.

Tickets, to include a delicious buffet lunch, are £30 (£25 for group booking of eight or more people) and will be available after Easter. Ticket applications to Bob Haynes, UKRCB, The Larches, Breach Oak Lane, Corley, near Coventry, Warks CV7 8AU. Tel: 01676-541155
or e-mail