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Combined Canine Pup of the Year 2001
Introducing the finalists photos by John R Walsh

Afghan Hound.
Hot Rumour at Barnesmore, owned by Ms E Martin, qualified from Dublin Dog Show.

American Cocker Spaniel.
Kroonagem Lady in Red at Silveross, owned by Mrs M & Ms S Walsh, qualified from Cloghran.

Bull Terrier.
Coxgal Pale Shadow, owned by Mr & Mrs G Cox, qualified from Dundalk & DCC.

Chow Chow.
Lechan Jarvis, owned by Mr & Mrs K Davison, qualified from Combined CC.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke.
Ardenlee Desert Fox at Manto, owned by Mrs F Toman, qualified from Dundalk & DCC.

Great Dane.
Killheim Quovadis, owned by Mr M Molony, qualified from the All Ireland Bull Breeds CA.

Norwegian Elkhound.
Cnoc an Oir True Love, owned by Mr & Mrs
P McKittrick, qualified from Combined Canine Club.

Deminiac the Parisian, owned by Mrs L Wogan, qualified from Carlow & DCC.

Miniature Poodle.
Kissena Morning Glory, owned by Mrs R McCabe, qualified from Carlow & DCC.

Rottworth Falcon, owned by Mr P Topping, qualified from Sligo & DCC.

Icemist Nordic Dancer, owned by Mr & Mrs J Clark, qualified from Cloghran.

Toy Poodle.
Trendicote Fireflame, owned by Mesdames A & K Ingram & Ryan, qualified from Sligo & DCC.

Miniature Schnauzer.
Kinoria Just Blame Me, owned by Mr & Mrs
W A Cocherane, qualified from the All Ireland Bull Breeds CA.

Barnesmore Sweet Baby Jane, owned by Mrs L Thompson, qualified from Drogheda & DCC

Redstone Double Trouble, owned by Mr & Mrs M Durcan, qualified from Dublin Dog Show.

Photo by Maynard Collins
Pup of the Year was Mr & Mrs B Knowles’ Cocker Spaniel Rushmi Music Man who qualified from Drogheda & DCC.

Combined Canine Pup of the Year 2001
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