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Combined Canine Pup of the Year 2001

Photo by Maynard Collins
Pup of the Year was Mr & Mrs B Knowles’ Cocker Spaniel Rushmi Music Man who qualified from Drogheda & DCC.

This will be the sixteenth year for the Combined Canine Club Pup of the Year Finals. At the eight All Breed Championship Shows during the 2001 season, 16 puppies qualified by winning the Best Puppy Dog Stakes or Best Puppy Bitch Stakes or best puppy in show at one of the all breed championship shows.

These puppies (and their owners) have been invited to the new Docklands Centre, Dublin on the 14th March 2002 to compete for the title of Pup of the Year 2001.

None of the competitors ever go away empty handed, this year each exhibitor will receive as a memento of the occasion a piece of "Sligo Crystal" with an image of the exhibit imprinted on it, these crystals are sponsored by Our Dogs.

Combined Canine Pup of the Year 2001
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