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Combined Canine Pup of the Year 2001
The Judges

Mrs Elaine Drennan (Ireland)
Elaine along with her husband Michael is a breeder and exhibitor of Doberman Pinscher and have also bred and exhibited Poodles. She is a Best in show judge and awards tickets in the Utility, Working, Pastoral and Toy groups. She has judged in several Countries around the World.


Ms. Una Rigney (Ireland)
Una is the owner of the Arigna prefix and has been breeding and exhibiting Kerry Blues for a number of yearís with great success; having bred champions in Ireland the U.S.A. Australia, England and Europe. She is a Best in show judge and is qualified to judge the Hound, Terrier and Utility groups, she has judged in many several countries around the World.


Mrs Patsy Lawlor (Ireland)
Patsy has been involved with dogs for most of her life. She and her husband David are joint owners of the Rolwal prefix. They have bred and made up champions in Yorkshire Terriers. Their interest also extends to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Kerry Beagles. She is the Hon. Secretary of the Killarney and District Canine club. To date she has judged in Eight Countries around the World.


Mrs. Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen (Finland)
A Best In Show judge Paula is qualified to judge all Breeds and Groups and has judged in 34 different Countries around the World. She has successfully bred and exhibited Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers, English Springer Spaniels and Long Haired Dachshund having owned or bred over 100 Champions.


Combined Canine Pup of the Year 2001
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