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Deaf puppy stolen from animal charity

Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester is desperately trying to find Ike, a five month old mastiff-cross which was stolen from the Charity on Saturday afternoon.

Ike, tan with a black muzzle and shoulders, is sadly deaf (of which the thieves will be unaware); he was taken from the Shelters homing kennels on Saturday whilst staff at the Shelter were feeding the animals.

A new home had already been found for Ike and the prospective new family are absolutely devastated by the news. He was found as a stray in Huntingdon town only a couple of weeks ago and was brought to the Shelter by the local dog wardens. Due to his lovely nature and handsome features he was soon reserved to a loving family from Peterborough who were looking to take him home this week.

The family have put up a cash reward for the safe return of Ike to the animal Shelter.
Dennis Baker, Chief Executive at Wood Green Animal Shelters has said, ‘It is imperative that Ike is returned to Wood Green, not only due to his hearing problems which require specialised training, but also so that he can be homed to the family who have fallen in love with him and can provide him with the special home which he deserves’.

Wood Green Animal Shelters is desperate to find Ike and would like anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact them on 01480 830014.