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DogNY to honour search dogs

To honour the canine heroes of Ground Zero, the American Kennel Club has introduced DOGNYSM.

All net proceeds made from DOGNY will go to Search and Rescue dog organisations across America through the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Corporation Canine Support and Relief Fund.

The AKC is aiming to commission individual artists to paint 300 sculptures of pure-bred Search and Rescue dogs. The sculptures are to be installed as public art on the streets of New York with a plaque showing the name of the sponsor.

The AKC is inviting anyone who wishes to sponsor these sculptures to do so. After the three month period that they are on show, sponsors are given the option of purchasing their sculpture, or it may be sold at auction.

Hundreds of Search and Rescue Dogs made the journey to offer relief at Ground Zero and this is one way of honouring their efforts which has brought comfort to many families. The teams who have worked tirelessly in this particular cause will continue to do so until their job is done.

For more information on this worthy cause you can contact the American Kennel Club at 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or visit the website