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Hospital ferrets and ‘travel sick’ dog
at BSAVA Congress

Two assistance ferrets, one of which is blind, and Alfred the dog who recovered from a nasty tick-borne disease (babesioisis-acquired when travelling in France, will meet for a photocall to illustrate the many skills of the vets who care for our pets at British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress on Thursday, April 4 (10.30 am) at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham.

Pets can now travel abroad without the need for quarantine on their return. This means that vets in the UK must now be able to recognise and treat diseases formerly only seen on mainland Europe. At the press conference (11.30 am), Dr Sue Shaw of Bristol University will discuss how to minimise the risk of pets acquiring diseases abroad. She will also report on the range of imported diseases seen in cats and dogs in the UK since the advent of the Pet Travel Scheme two years ago.

Ferrets are becoming increasingly popular as pets and part of this year’s continuing education programme for vets at the BSAVA Congress is devoted to learning about their special needs. Stonebridge and Robyn are special ferrets as they visit children in hospital to help them cope with the idea of surgery and loss of sight.

BSAVA President Julian Wells will also discuss the latest news in the veterinary world. There will be opportunities to speak to the experts and owners of animals as well as the officers of the association.

BSAVA Congress is the largest small animal annual veterinary congress in the world. Over 6,000 veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses attend four days of scientific talks and workshops hosted by the world’s leading experts.