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A tribute to Brian Baxter,
who died on March 17 2002

IT WAS on a trip to France many years ago that Brian and Barbara (his wife) first came across a Briard. It was love at first sight. On his return to Bristol he sought out breeders. His first Briard, Hartswelin Moon Maiden, was to be purely a pet, he had no intention of showing; however he was persuaded to enter a local show. It was here that the first red rosette was won under breed specialist Chris James - this was to be the first of many. From that moment on Brian became deeply involved in the world of showing.

His affix showed quite clearly his love for his family in that it comprised part of this daughter’s name, Natasha and part of his son’s name, Nathaniel - Tashneil. He bred a number of litters and his puppies were very successful in the ring, his most recent accolade being with Tashneil Forest Tango who received the dog ticket at the British Briard Championship Club show last December under Jan Wilson.

Brian gave so much back, not only to his breed, the Briard, but to many others. He assisted in the running of ringcraft classes at Rusking Hall, Bristol, was Chairman of the Bristol and District Dog Club and as a Committee Member of the Briard Association also looked after all the Club trophies.

He helped and assisted many people with their dogs and showed not only his Briards but handled Great Danes, Boxers, Finnish Lapphunds and many others. He and Barbara recently returned from a trip to Australia where he accompanied Chris Cray who was judging in that country. One of his dogs was the first in Bristol to give blood to another dog and from this grew the Holly Appeal, spearheaded by Brian and Barbara.

Brian ran his own business and it was at work that he fell from scaffolding causing brain damage from which he never recovered. His closest companion for over 33 years was his wife Barbara, and to her and his two children we offer our heartfelt condolences.

Reyna G Knight (Mrs)

Tom Jacobs

OUR DOGS is sorry to record the death of Mr Tom Jacobs, Treasurer of the Coloured Bull Terrier Club. We extend our sincere condolences to all who knew him; he will be sadly missed.

Margaret Sanders

Veteran long Haired dachshund judge and breeder, Margaret Sanders, has sadly died at the age of 77.

A familiar feature on the competition circuit for more than 40 years, Margaret's legacy is the Sandwell's line which has produced - and will hopefully continue to produce - fine examples of the long-Haired dachshund breed.

'Although she hadn't been well for some time, her death came as a terrible shock,' says Margaret's husband Mike Sanders. 'I have been very moved, though, to receive so many cards and letters from her friends in the dog world and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people for their kind, and much appreciated, support.'

As well as her husband of 52 years, Margaret leaves behind one son, three granddaughters and one great-grandson.