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SKC’s Internet entries go live!

The Scottish Kennel Club’s promised internet show entry system went live last week. Already a number of exhibitors have used the facility and found it extremely easy to operate.

Secretary General, Allan Sim, believes it is the first time that exhibitors have been able to enter on-line anywhere in Great Britain and it had been made possible by close co-operation with their printers and catalogue compilers Fosse Data Systems. Announcing the successful introduction, he said that this was ‘another stage in the club’s efforts to make significant improvements to the whole process of entering and exhibiting at shows.’

The system will be extended to the club’s other activities, including agility, obedience and working trials and it is hoped that other championship show societies will quickly follow suit.

Asked for his comments, Convener, Robert Crawford, referred to‘the importance of innovation, which stands at the heart of all excellent organisations.’

He said that ‘The Scottish Kennel Club is proud of its long heritage coupled with its modern outlook. It has a history of notable ‘firsts’ in the world of dogs from Breeders’ Lists and Puppy Packs to Best of Breed tents at shows. Here is another outstanding ‘first’.

Taking time to express his thanks to The Kennel Club for ‘the support of the General Committee in responding so speedily to a request for the necessary rule changes’, he emphasised how keen he was that ‘the Scottish Kennel Club keeps the needs and wishes of its customers at the forefront of the executives’ minds. From now on, customers can enter our shows from the comfort of their own living room, taking advantage of the credit card payment scheme. Gone are the worries of proof of entry as the system will automatically produce an acknowledgement and copy of the entry.’

He also alluded to the future possibility of all paperwork being eliminated with the combination of on-line entry and permanent identification.

Fosse Data’s Managing Director Kathy Gorman said, ‘We are delighted that a prestigious show like that of the SKC has adopted our system which was conceived some time ago with the future in mind. This will be available to all our group and general championship show customers some of whom already have their schedules, produced by us and placed on the ‘web’. The number of users of on-line entering has steadily risen each day and we have received some extremely favourable comments from exhibitors who have found the site very easy to navigate and user friendly.’

Shopping site
Entry on-line is also the first stage of the Club’s move towards a more ‘customer- orientated’ approach to its business and a full shopping site will be rolled out before the end of the month. This will offer club membership as well as promotional goods, including the invaluable Scottish Show Dates List and visitors to the Breeders’ Register will also be able to pay on-line. The Register has proved to be a resounding success since its introduction some years ago and the greater coverage provided by the internet should enhance its growing reputation.

New service to clubs and judges
Also being introduced currently is a unique opportunity for judges at all levels to advertise their services. For a modest introductory sum of £10 including VAT, judges can have their experience published on the Club’s web-site. This will be updated, first time round, for an additional £5. Over 50 judges have already taken up the offer.

The service is specifically for Scottish Kennel Club members and Robert Crawford was enthusiastic about this latest benefit of membership - ‘if you’re not an SKC member, it’s simple to join, no matter where you live in the UK or abroad. Just visit the web-site at or give the office a ring on 0131-665 3920.’

Show Scheduling Committee chairman, Irene McManus, is confident that the facility will not only help judges but also offer another source of information for many clubs, north and south of the border. She said that ‘as someone involved in clubs at championship and non-championship levels, I know only too well how difficult it can be at times to locate suitable judges for both breed and variety classes. It will interesting to see how much this database of valuable information is used.’

Show improvements
Exhibitors attending this year’s shows will see much work in progress at Ingliston, although it will not directly affect the show area itself in 2002. A start has been made on improving the car park and the removal of the cattle lines is allowing the whole show area to be opened up and a major new indoor facility is under construction.