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The Eukanuba Golden Oldie Competition
Photos by John D Jackson
Pudsey & District Ringcraft Club

Oldest Golden Oldie was Mr & Mrs Brierley’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Maneridge Malinda, at 12 years of age, representing Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. They are seen here with Barry Medforth; president, Bernard Child; Malinda Broadbent and Erica Greenwood, Influencer Sector Manager for the North, Iams Co.

All together now! All competitiors at the start of the evening.

Presentation to the judge, by Barry Medforth, of a special edition plate depicting her breed – Chow Chow. Also pictured are Sally Pointon and Jos Renouf.

A special presentation to Dick Dawson for his contribution to the world of dog showing. Also in the picture are secretary, Christine Cooper; Erica Greenwood, Influencer Sector Manager for the North, Iams Co; and Barry Medforth.

Eukanuba Golden Oldie 2002 was Mr & Mrs Dawson’s 7 year old ESS Gundrifs Little Gem, representing Keighley & DCA. They are pictured here with Sally Pointon from OUR DOGS; Barry Medforth, Rabart Fine Arts; Erica Greenwood, Influencer Sector Manager for the North, Iams Co; Pat Gaved, judge, and Jos Renouf, Guernsey Dog Club.

Guess who’s just won the Golden Oldie!

Judging in progress.

It’s alright winning these cups, but nobody ever puts anything to drink in them!

Keep smiling Barry, with any luck, he’ll soon run out of film, then we can have a sit down!

Best of the losing dogs was Msdms Ellwood & Harper’s 9 year old Welsh Corgi, Ellhar’s Gallant, representing Beverley & DCS, pictured here with judge, Pat Gaved.

Runner-up was Mrs & Miss C & D Wiltshire’s 11 year old Border Collie Wizaland Newz Maker, representing Harrogate & DCS, and seen here with (l-r) secretary, Christine Cooper; president, Bernard Child; and judge, Pat Gaved.

Nobody went away empty handed. Each exhibitor was given a bag of Eukanuba dog food and an OUR DOGS goody bag.