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Mrs Doris Warren

The world of Bullmastiffs has been saddened by the news that Doris Warren, of the world famous Copperfield Bullmastiffs, died suddenly on Wednesday 1st May.

Together with her husband Gerald, Doris was part of that great post-war generation of breeders much revered by students of the breed who study pedigrees and the history of the Bullmastiff. Oldwell, Copperfield, Naukeen - these names in a pedigree have always been synonymous with quality and careful selective breeding.

Doris came from a dog owning and showing background but more Cocker Spaniel than Bullmastiffs until she married Gerald in 1966. What I appreciated so much about Doris was her unfailing courtesy in answering questions, including very naïve ones from novice people, and her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise. She had a wonderful sense of humour and fun and I shall always remember the times I spent with her and Gerald being fed amazing meals and being regaled with anecdotes from the past and present: all accompanied by gales of laughter.

She knew and loved her Bullmastiffs but she was always aware of their faults as well as their strong points, and this clear knowledge made her advice all the more important. She and Gerald did not always agree on smaller issues but on the essentials they were rock solid.

Doris and Gerald were always very active with and supportive of the Southern Bullmastiff Society and spent many years serving on its committee. When they moved to the Midlands they renewed closer links with the British Bullmastiff League but always supported all the various breed clubs.

Doris was always a kind and loyal friend, very generous with her time and help. When we unexpectedly lost our first Bullmastiff Ch Copperfield Sampson we phoned to tell Doris and Gerald. They immediately dropped everything and drove up to spend the rest of that day with us - such a comfort. Doris was always most particular about choosing owners for her puppies and was delighted to have news from her babies, whether they entered the show scene or remained private individuals.

In recent years Doris and Gerald were forced by ill health to take a less active role in the Bullmastiff scene but their enthusiasm and support for the breed remained undiminished.

They have been such a part of our shows, Doris sitting at ringside when she was less mobile holding court with a steady stream of friends and acquaintances beating a path to her door, all anxious to hear her news and to exchange thoughts on dogs past and present. Shows will not be the same without her.

They were very proud of Bill’s continuing involvement in the breed and delighted that Copperfield was still a name to be reckoned with.

Our condolences go to Gerald, Bill and Harvey, we share with them the loss of a dear friend.

Pamela Jeans-Brown
Molosser Bullmastiffs

Mrs Molly Owen

With the death of Molly Owen in the early hours of Thursday morning (May 9) the dachshund world has lost a great friend who always had the welfare of her dogs to the fore, and who was a thoughtful and considerate exhibitor.

Molly had for several years been the Secretary of the Dachshund Club, where she soon showed herself to be hard working and very conscientious person who had everything at her fingertips, she will be a hard act to follow. I can always remember Molly saying that when Abergele had been flooded and they had lost everything that the dogs were safe, they were safe and it was not the material things that mattered, it was all the things one could not replace like one’s first prize card, first CC and photographs. Molly could still smile after all this.

Molly was for some time a kennel maid in Haslemere for Millicent Howard, of the Searle affix, where she came in contact with some top wire of the day. In the early seventies Molly and Joe acquired their first wires from Hilary Griffiths and Elizabeth Hoxey - Harris, these were two bitches Daxdale Dancing Maid and Daxdale September Sound, the latter when mated to Ch Mordax Music Master gave them their first champion, Ch Quitrutec Friendly Persuasion.

The next champion was Quitrutec Fistful of Dollars who was owned by Mandy Barker. Ch Quitrutec Homeward Bound was the most influential, in that he was the sire of Ch Andlouis Black, who is in so many of today’s pedigrees. He was also the sire of the pup of the year qualifier Ch Lieblings Bound for Fortune.

Molly and Joe have changed to mini longs, and from their first litter, Quitrutec Half a Day at Lyndrlea owned by Lyn Brooks has a CC and two reserves. Molly told me at the Great Joint the change was because they were lighter to pick up and their coats were kinder on arthritic fingers as they did not need stripping. Let us hope that this one and the wire Quirtrutec Such a Knight owned by Terry Edge who has two CCs and 4 RCCs will gain their titles as a tribute to Molly.

Molly and Joe have four daughters and a son plus four grand children, and to Joe and the rest of family we offer our sincere condolences. The dachshund world is the poorer for Molly’s passing.

Pamela J Poulter

Mrs Rena Smithson

IT IS with very deep sadness that we have to report the passing of Mrs Rena Smithson, the President of the Trent to Tweed Poodle Club.

Rena was a stalwart of the Club and loved her Poodles dearly. 50 years ago Rena, Chelmont Poodles, and our President, was part of the formative meeting that took part in Idle, Bradford. Other meetings followed, and on 24th September 1952 the Kennel Club informed this organisation that they had been granted the title of Trent to Tweed Poodle Club. The first show was held in 1953 and Rena was the Vet Steward, and through hard work, dedication and generosity the first Championship Show soon followed in 1957.

Dog people never talk of ‘favourites’, but a special place was in Rena’s heart for ‘Penny’ born in 1951 and winner of many top awards. While Bull Terriers and Chihuahuas also played a great part in her life, it is the ‘Poodle’ for which she will be best remembered.

The family connection with the Club continues through Mrs Moira Anderson who herself has been dedicated to the Poodle for many years, in particular her well known white miniatures.

Rena will be much missed by the Club Officers and Committee, as well as some of those dedicated Poodle lovers that remember those glorious earlier years of our Club.

Trent to Tweed Poodle Club holds its 50th Anniversary Championship Show on July 14th at the Heritage Centre, Elsecar, South Yorkshire. It is expected to be a joyous and exciting show with the usual atmosphere synonymous the TTTPC, but knowing that Rena is no longer with us will cause some to reflect on the history of the Club, and remember the famous Officers of this tremendous Poodle Club.

Rena, you will be much missed by us all, we will always remember you and our deepest heartfelt condolences go to Moira and the rest of your devoted family.

Ralph Holmes