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Pick of the Litter Competition

The proud winner of the OUR DOGS/Vetzyme Pick of the Litter
competition 2001 on 414 points was Caron Bell’s Keeshond Allforus Magic n Ice.

Mike Caple is pictured above with Whippet Falconcrag Next in Line for Morsefield collecting his runner-up award, also pictured are Peter Purves and OUR DOGS Managing Director Vince Hogan.

Mrs Brook came 4th with her Flat Coated Retriever Culmquill Bless Em All.

Betty Dickinson had two Border Terriers in the top ten, she is pictured above with Badgerholme Bechers Brook who came 5th, also pictured are Peter Purves, Lisa Carlin of Seven Seas & David Cavill of OUR DOGS.

Jane Gostynska came seventh with her Basenji Antefaa Niall Cloudy Wing at Bubas.

Betty Dickinson pictured above with Badgerholme Royal Ascot who came eighth, Peter Purves presented the award with Lisa Carlin of Seven Seas and Vince Hogan, Managing Director of OUR DOGS.

Peter Purves is pictured above presenting Toni Westcott her award for ninth place with Briard Fosterbrie Moonlight at Tonibrie.

Peter Purves and David Cavill of OUR DOGS are pictured above with Sheila Boyes who came 14th and was top of the Toy group with Pomeranian Parapom Fair Do’s.

Susan Mycroft’s Dobermann Jowendy’s Enuf Said for Supeta topped the Working group for points.

In tenth place was Miss C Nolcini with her German Shepherd Dog Merjeedi National Velvet of Nolmacdon, pictured above with Seven Seas representative Debbie Harnis and Peter Purves.

Pictured above are the Dickinsons with Jack and Katie, their two top ten Pick of the Litter pups!

The organising team including Tony Day seen above (2nd from right) who is retiring later this year.

All the winners with their exhibits and also Peter Purves who made the presentations.