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Pick of the Litter Competition

Report & Photos by Karl Donvil

At the end of last month the winners of the Vetzyme Pick of the Litter competition supported by Our Dogs in association with the Seven Seas company, manufacturers of the Vetzyme range of dog and cat health products, gathered at the Meridien Hotel near Coventry for a celebratory lunch accompanied by the presentation of the awards. Once again, hundreds of puppies were entered into the competition that has now been running for over fifteen years. The winners amassed an enormous number of points between them and the competition must give a massive boost to open show entries around the country as well as supporting the entries at championship shows.

The full list of winners was published in a double page spread in Our Dogs earlier in the year but the excitement remained as the top ten gathered to hear Tony Day welcome the winners, introduce his hard working team and explain that, as always, some minor adjustments were to be made to the points scoring system for this year. A short summary of the importance of the competition followed from David Cavill before a series a enjoyable anecdotes about the competition, the dog game and dogs in general from Vince Hogan and Peter Purves. Peter also presented the winners with their rosettes, certificates and trophies.

Caron Bell, with her Keeshond, Allforus Magic n Ice, topped the lot scoring 414 points - 100 clear of the reserve, Michael Caple’s Whippet, Falconcrag Next in Line for Morsefield who was just a few points ahead of Barbara Horsley’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Judael Dream Maker. Also worth mentioning were the Dickinsons who had two of their Border Terriers in the top five of the Terrier group and Jane Gostynska who reached the final ten for the umpteeth time - she cannot remember exactly how many but she thinks it is five or six!

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