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Eastenders’ actress starts charity walk

EastEnders’ star, Pam St Clement, was a long way from Albert Square when she attended the first of many sponsored walks that local charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, held at Blenheim Palace, on Sunday April 21.

The actress, who plays Pat Evans in the popular soap, is a staunch supporter of the Charity, and came along to Blenheim to officially start the walk, but after meeting hearing dog in training, Budgie, she decided to accompany him part of the way round the course. Pam was keen to walk the full four miles, but due to Budgie’s diminutive size it was felt his legs may not take him that far, so they returned to base to have photos taken instead!

More than 50 people took part in the sponsored walk, including children and dogs of all shapes and sizes. They were rewarded with a gloriously sunny day, and everyone completed the walk having had lots of encouragement from Pam and Budgie.

Budgie is a mongrel that was donated to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People by a member of the public. He is now at the end of his training and will soon be leaving the Charity’s centre to live with his deaf recipient in Bristol. Like all hearing dogs, Budgie will make a huge difference to the life of his new owner.

The Blenheim Palace walk was the first of over 40 sponsored walks that the Charity has arranged around the country in areas particularly selected for their interest or beauty. All funds raised from these walks will go towards selecting and training more rescue dogs to alert deaf people to everyday household sounds.

If you would like more information about the sponsored walks, or about Hearing Dogs in general, please contact the Charity on 01844 353898.