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Identichip scanner for Fakenhan Rescue Centre

STAFF AT Waggtail Kennels in Fakenhan, were thrilled when Animalcare gave them an Identichip scanner in order to help keep their number of stray dogs down.

Nadine Fletcher, head nurse at Summerhill Veterinary Centre in Fakenhan recommended that the scanner be passed on to Wagtails after kennel owners Fiona and Shirley Wagg became concerned about the increasing number of stray dogs that were being brought into them.

Said Nadine: “Identichip is a tiny microchip with an ID code unique to each animal. It is injected under the skin and is completely safe and causes no discomfort to the pet. The scanner detects the identichip and reads the unique code, this links to a central computer database providing the owners address details. Fiona and Shirley can now scan all dogs brought to them and if they have been identichipped the owner can be traced and notified that their pet has been found.”

The scanner is now an invaluable part of the re-homing project at Waggtails. All dogs are scanned upon arrival at the kennels and it is helping reunite many pets with their owners.

Said Fiona: “I am extremely grateful to Animalcare for providing us with the scanner and I would urge all dog and cat owners to get their pets identichipped. Some establishments put strays down instantly so this could be a matter of life or death if your pet goes missing.”

Added Shirley, “Even the best loved and well-trained animals go missing. many worried owners of lost animals tell me their pet had never wandered away before. If these pets are identichipped they stand a much higher chance of being safely back at home in no time.”