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Making a pet lovers day is only a mouse away!

A NEW free service from the Ashapura pet website, means there is no excuse for missing another birthday, anniversary or telling someone you care! Sending a personalised e-card from is so simple, yet such a pleasure for your pet loving pal to receive.

On the website there are over 600 animated cards featuring cartoon character dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets to choose from, so there is something for everybody, on any occasion. The cards are divided by categories of celebrations, so it is easy to find something cute and romantic for the one your love on Valentines Day, or crafty and cunning as a tease on April Fools Day!

In just a few clicks you can easily bring a smile to the faces of your friends. Whether it’s to say ‘Thank you’ or just ‘Hi’, an e-card will take your personalised message direct to anyone, anywhere in the world. The website even caters for the more unknown Indian cultural or religious events, helping to make someone’s special day even more special.

The website provides everyone with a unique personal address book, so friend’s and families names, emails and birthdays can be stored - so there is no excuse to forget!

In addition to the e-card service, the website also contains to a whole host of information and entertainment for any pet owners. The on-line pet magazine “Pet Pourri’ has news, and a great selection of pet jokes, trivia, and a list of funny, unusual or even mythological pet names.

Simply visit the website on, select the card you want, add your message, add the recipient to the personal address book and with a few clicks an email is sent to the recipient saying that the card has arrived and instructing them to click on the link to receive it. So, making someone’s day is only a mouse away!

Ashapura is best known for its exceptional range of high quality light weight clumping cat litters and its premium clumping litter mates, from its mineral mines in India. The litters mimic nature, making them comfortable and appealing to cats, hygienic and easy to dispose of for the owner. The range of cat litters is available from all good pet stores.