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Sponsor a kennel appeal

Manchester Dogs’ Home launches “Sponsor a Kennel” appeal to bring in vital finance
Manchester Dogs’ Home is always looking for new ways to raise much-needed money to finance the running of its Harphurey and Grappenhall centres. The home relies on public donations to enable it to carry on its work of caring for and rehoming lost and abandoned dogs. this year, donations have been very few and far between. In view of this, the home has decided to open its kennels for sponsorship.

There are two ways in which the public can help our homeless dogs:-

1 For only £25 a year, sponsors can have their name on a plaque which will be placed on a kennel for one year. Thats less than 50p a week.

2 For a mere £100 a year you remain a sponsor for 25 years - only £4 for a whole year’s sponsorship.

The plaques can be engraved with whatever message the public want, eg the person’s name, or in remembrance of a beloved pet, or you can even raise money at your place of work and have a plaque with your company’s name on it. the home thinks these plaques will make wonderful birthday/Christmas presents for animal lovers.

The plaques come with a unique guarantee - evry penny raised will be spent on the dogs in our care.

Please write/ring for a sponsor form: Manchester Dogs’ Home, Crofter’s House, Moss Brook Road, Harphurey, Manchester M9 5PG, tel 0161-205 7136 or 0161-205 2205.

Pile of pennies appeal

According to recent news reports, there is over £300 million lying around in jam jars, piggy banks and even down the backs of sofas all over the country. This money is in small coins and it seems the public can’t be bothered to count it and just leaves the money where it is gathering dust.

We invite to the public to join in our “Pile of Pennies” appeal. The money Raised will be used to build more kennels to house our dogs until they are rehomed.