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China challenge to fight leukemia

LIFE-SAVING leukemia charity The Anthony Nolan Trust is appealing for members of the public to take part in its newest overseas fundraising event. In May next year the charity will be taking up to 100 volunteers on a trek along various sections of the Great Wall of China. The Trust is appealing for people to register now in order to give themselves a full year to raise the £3,000 sponsorship required.

The ancient Chinese believed that their ‘Middle Kingdom’ was the centre of the earth, and this trek promises to show the participants a land of history and scenery unrivalled anywhere. The wall stretches for over 6,000km and is the only man-made structure visible from space. The China Trek uses various sections of the wall, including fully restored tourist sections and sections in rural areas that have remained unchanged for a thousand years.

Event organiser Steve Joyce said “This will be one of the most amazing events we have ever organised. It is not a holiday as each day will involve several miles of walking along the wall and through the countryside. However, it will be an opportunity to enjoy the real China and will be an experience people will never forget.” Time is built into the schedule to explore the capital city of Beijing. The event, including travel to and from the UK, will take ten days and the longest day’s trek should be no more than 15 miles.

Mr Joyce continued “This charity fundraising event will be one of physical toughness, cultural fascination and historical intrigue. Participants will remember the trip for the rest of their lives.” The event will include spectacular scenery of mountains and valleys through the national parks.


Virtually everything needed on the trip is provided, including English speaking guides, accommodation and meals.

The Anthony Nolan Trust operates a register of volunteers who are each willing to donate some of their blood stem cells to save the life of a patient with leukemia or related disease. For these patients the only chance of life is a stem cell transplant (previously known as a bone marrow transplant).

The charity is keen to emphasise the fundraising aspect of the event. The money raised will go towards the vital work of the Trust. Every £50 raised will add a new volunteer to the national register. Every volunteer is a potential life-saver.

Anyone who would like further information on the Great Wall of China Challenge should phone 01423 879510 or email their name and address to