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The Kennel Club

Kennel Club Chairman Peter James presents a rosebowl in thanks to the host, Steward of the Beat Mr T Reeve.

First and second All Aged Stake Sparkfield Reason and Clitters Swift, father and daughter returning!

In the foreground, winners of 1st and 2nd in the Open Stake, Mr C Organ who handled Fernglen Fez to the top spot & Miss A Brown with Lusca Finn which came second.

First and second in the All Aged Stake, pictured with retiring KCFT Secretary Mrs Rosemary Hall.

The winner of the Open Stake was Mr A Pruden (centre), Mr C Organ handled and they are pictured with second place in the Open Stake Miss A Brown.

Keeping it in the family, Mr and Miss Harris came first and second in the All Aged Stake respectively.

Winner of the Novice Stake Mr T Harris casting off Sparkfield Reason.

Misery! Who wants to be a field trial dog?

Mr Pruden accepts his award for winning the Open Stake from Mr Peter James.

The two judges discuss tactics, Mr J Woodburn and Mrs E Town.