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The Kennel Club

THE ANNUAL KC Spring Field Trial for Pointers and Setters was held at Six Mile Bottom, Suffolk, on the 26/27 April 2002 by kind permission of Mr V Cunningham-Reid. The judges were Mrs B Town and Mr J Woodburn, and our host on the ground was the Head Keeper for the Estate Mr T Reeve.

The Kennel Club enjoyed a most succesful two day trial, following a barren year in which no Pointer and Setter Trials were held because of foot and mouth disease, all of the participants thoroughly enjoyed being out again. The Trail was however tinged with sadness owing to the fact that after 22 years it was our last Field Trial to be held at Six Mile Bottom and the Trial marked the retirement of Mrs Rosemary Hall the KCFT Secretary, the competitors marked the occasion by presenting her with a token of their appreciation for her many years’ service on their behalf.

These stakes were held, a Novice and All Aged on the first day and an Open on the second, weather conditions had changed from the unseasonal heat of the preceding two weeks and we experienced strong winds and driving rain. The overall standard of the work was much better than we have seen in previous years at this trial, game was not quite as plentiful as we have seen probably because of the poor weather conditions, we saw our usual number of hares as some handlers found to this cost when running their dogs. A number of dogs fell by the wayside because they failed to adjust from running on grouse moors to the large open fields of East Anglia.

All of the winners ran a level pattern on their alloted beat and were able to ajust to the ground and weather conditions. The winners of the Novice and All Aged Stake both owned by and trained by Mr T Harris were fast, stylish pointers and were excellent on game. The winner of the Open Stake Mr Andrew Pruden’s handled by Mr C Organ’s Pointer dog Fernglen Fez ran well in the first round and completed his day by finding a brace of partridge.

The meet ended with the chairman of the KC Mr Peter James thanking our host and presenting to him a memento that acknowledged our gratitude for so many happy years spent field trialling at Six Mile Bottom. He also expressed his thanks to Mrs Rosemary Hall for all her many years af grand work.

Results: Novice Stake - Mr T W Harris’s Sparkfield Twist
All Aged Stake - Mr T W Harris’s Sparkfield Reason
Miss N Harris’s GS Clitters Swift
COM Dr Hadley’s GS Racmarglen Scoth Na Bhfear
Open Stake: Mr A Pruden’s P Dog Fernglen Fez
Miss A Brown’s IS Lusca Finn

Peter Heard