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Forestry Commission removes anti-dog signs

NFDOG, THE New Forest Dog Owners’ Group, is extremely pleased to announce that they have received a letter from the Forestry Commission, stating that they will be changing the current ‘anti-dog’ signs that have caused such anger amongst dog walkers.

The Forestry Commission has requested an urgent meeting with NFDOG in order to agree wording for the new signs. Other user groups will also be consulted.

NFDOG would like to thank everyone who made this possible; all those who wrote letters to the Forestry Commission, including Forest MPs, the Kennel Club, PRO-Dogs, NFDOG members and members of the the general public. It is undoubtedly the huge public support we have received which has caused the Forestry Commission to change its mind. We would also like to thank the individuals aty the Forestry Commission who have agreed to this.

The next step is to get the current offensive signs taken down with all speed. The Forestry Commission needs to demonstrate good faith by undertaking this quickly. They will continue to receive letters from irate dog walkers until this happens. Joint discussions with NFDOG as to the new wording can then take place.

Let us now hope that this episode marks the end of discrimination against dog walkers in the Forest, and we ccan move forward to a future where all Forest users, together with the Forestry Commission, can agree how disturbance in sensitive areas of the Forest can be minimised.