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MEP queries high cost of pet medicines in the UK

Theresa Villiers - Conservative Member of the European Parliament for London - has tabled some formal written parliamentary questions to the European Commission demanding to know why British consumers pay so much more to treat their pets than those in the rest of the EU.

Speaking from the European Parliament in Brussels, Theresa Villiers said, "Many constituents are very concerned about the costs of drugs and medicines to treat animals in the UK. It is reported that the costs have risen by 40% in the last seven years and that costs continue to rise by about 11% a year."

Theresa Villiers continued, "Vaccinations in the UK routinely cost £10.00 more than elsewhere in the EU. For example a course of vaccinations for a puppy costs over £50 in the UK, compared with only £26.00 in Spain. I am also asking the European Commission to consider why it is, that pet owners are forced to buy medicines from vets rather than pharmacies. I am concerned that this practice may have implications for the level of competition over the supply and distribution of such treatments."

"I am demanding that the European Commission fully considers my questions and informs British consumers why they are being ripped off, simply for being pet owners."