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A proper dogs dinner
UK Lecture Tour by Australian vet who advocates natural feeding

If like most owners you feed your dog or cat processed pet food then Tom Lonsdale, controversial vet and Natural Feeding campaigner, would like you to think again.

For over ten years Mr Lonsdale has campaigned to get the good-health message across to veterinarians and pet owners. In his new book Raw Meaty Bones he explains the advantages of feeding pets a more natural diet. When puppies and kittens under his care grew to be adults suffering degenerative disease and showing signs of premature ageing, Tom started to take notice.

‘At first I couldn’t understand it’, says Tom. These animals were getting a modern diet and what I believed was the highest possible standards of care and yet were still developing dog-breath accompanied by sore and bleeding gums and rotting teeth. He began to suspect that he, and most other vets, were probably treating the symptoms rather than tackling the underlying problem.

Following extensive research Tom started to see a pattern emerge. Most pets suffered from bad breath and periodontal disease (tooth and gum disease), but other recurring conditions such as skin complaints, diarrhoea, flatulence, bladder problems and liver and kidney diseases were often soon to follow. The exquisite mechanism of teeth and gums designed by nature to be cleaned and massaged and stressed by chewing bones was left to rot, he says. And this results in many dogs and cats unnecessarily suffering toothache and a host of other ailments for a lifetime.

A 100% natural diet is best, says Tom. This may be impractical for modern pet owners, but a close-to-natural diet works wonders, is cheap and readily available. Apparently all our four-legged friends need for good health and well being are raw meaty bones from the butcher and a few table scraps.

Mr Lonsdale will be arriving in Britain in mid May to fulfil private lecture commitments and to meet the press. He will then be lecturing in Germany on 21st and 22nd June before returning to Britain to complete his press engagements and commence his UK public lecture tour, which runs from 30th June to 31st July. Tom hopes to convert both vets and dog owners across the country to his natural approach to feeding. I just want people to know the facts says Tom.

And the truth is your dog or cat will be healthier if you feed it a more natural diet.
Mr Lonsdale will be accompanied by Carol OHerlihy of Bark Busters, a dog behavioural therapist. She will be discussing a wide range of canine behavioural problems including, aggression, nuisance barking, separation anxiety, general disobedience and will explain how a dog’s behavioural problems are often related to diet. These seminars are open to both animal professionals and the general public.