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Top dog meets top band at top store!

ASSISTANCE DOG Endal and and his owner Allen Parton were invited to attend for their sixth guest appearance at Harrods Pet Department (Saturday 25th May) meeting, greeting fans from around the world and promoting the charity Canine Partners for Independence.

During their visit they met top pop group Liberty X and had a photo taken with the members of the band: The UK’s number one group meet the UK’s number one canine! The group were amazed on hearing what Endal could do and asked to be shown some of his abilities. So in one of the most unusual venues Endal has performed in, he showed the group members and an absolutely massive audience outside the store windows what he can do, receiving an incredible and rapturous applause at the end of his demonstration.

Afterwards Endal and Allen were also introduced to the LG family, who were spending a week in the store’s window, their activities followed by an Internet audience, and were interviewed for TV with Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed who praised the amazing work that Endal does for his partner Allen. He said how delighted he was that the duo had become such popular guests of Harrods and its customers, and said that he hoped they would be coming back quite soon.

‘What an amazing day it had turned out to be,’ said Allen. ‘At the start of the day I never thought Endal and I would get the opportunity to be photographed with the UK’s number one pop group and meet Mr Al Fayed. That is what is so incredible about my partnership with Endal, I never know where he will lead me next! In the pet department he was recognised from people from all around the world and I truly believe that we are getting successfully getting our message across - the benefits of the human/animal bond which - as in my case - can change lives so dramatically’.