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Discover dog hero from blockbuster Spiderman movie

FOSTER, the Australian Terrier dog hero from the blockbuster movie ‘Spiderman’ will be making his British debut at Discover Dogs in London on Saturday, November 16th, dispensing paw prints to all keen autograph hunters.

This two year old terrier has emigrated to the UK from the USA where he became an overnight star with dog lovers following a guest appearance with Mirabelle Gonzales, who appears alongside Tobey Maguire in the film which has broken box office records on both sides of the Atlantic.

Foster now lives a celebrity life in Surrey with owner Lynn Bell who will be bringing him to London to meet the fans on the Australian Terrier stand at this popular event for dog lovers in the South East. Discover Dogs is the perfect event for young and old to get to know every breed of dog in the UK recognised by the Kennel Club.