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Dog dragged to its death

A TOP horse trainer dragged a neighbour’s dog to death behind his quad bike because he found it worrying his sheep.

Magistrates at Yate, near Bristol heard how Dick Baimbridge, 72, tortured the Dobermann named Worf by tying a rope round its neck and dragging it behind his quadbike at speeds of up to 30 mph.

When the dog collapsed from exhaustion after three quarters of a mile, Baimbridge stopped the bike and went to check on it. The dog snapped at him, so Baimbridge remounted the bike and carried on at speed towards his farm, dragging the two year-old dog behind him.

Baimbridge was incensed in March of this year when Worf and another Dobermann escaped from the garden of local resident Sue Irving, 45.

A post mortem examination carried out by a vet showed that Worf had suffered internal bleeding and that his lungs showed signs of strangling.

Baimbridge told the court he later found 121 ewes, 18 newborn lambs and one ram dead, most of them trampled. Many of the lambs had been knocked over and squashed in the mud.

Magistrates found him guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and ordered him to pay £950 costs. No other penalties were imposed.

Outside the court, Baimbridge said: "I just wanted to get the dog away from the sheep and locked up.

"I was thinking of the lambs in the mud and I wanted to save them. I regret the dog died."