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Big boost for Peterborough retired Greyhound Trust

The Peterborough branch of leading dog charity The Retired Greyhound Trust has received a £1,000 donation from local businessman and greyhound devotee Paul Phillips.

Mr Phillips (pictured), who owns five greyhounds himself and, with his wife, has worked with greyhounds for over 15 years was keen to support the charity in its work looking after and finding homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

The Peterborough Retired Greyhound Trust, set up over ten years ago, has found homes for over 300 greyhounds since its establishment. Located close to Peterborough Greyhound Stadium it helps to meet the ongoing need to find homes for these dogs once their racing days have ended.

It seeks homes both locally and nationally and two greyhounds recently re-homed have started their new life with a family across the Atlantic near Chicago.


As racing careers are short - with the majority of greyhounds retiring at the age of three or four - greyhounds can live for up to ten years in retirement. Contrary to popular belief, their needs are the same as the average breed. Greyhounds will make extremely loyal pets for both individuals and families of all ages.

They are gentle and adaptable and in terms of exercise will be happy with a couple of short walks a day. Paul Phillips commented: "My wife and I have worked with and owned greyhounds for many years. They are beautiful dogs with such a gentle nature and deserve a good life beyond their racing careers. The Peterborough Retired Greyhound Trust looks after one of our ex-racers, it does a wonderful job caring for retired greyhounds and finding new homes for them and we decided that a substantial donation would help them in the valuable work they do."

Gwen Drage, co-ordinator of Peterborough Retired Greyhound Trust, commented: "We are immensely grateful to Mr Phillips for his generous donation. It came as a complete surprise but will benefit us enormously contributing towards the welfare and upkeep of greyhounds in our care whilst we find them suitable homes and also will support initiatives we use in finding new homes."

Those wishing to find out more about the Peterborough Retired Greyhound Trust or providing a home for a greyhound should contact Gwen Drage on 01536 330 734 / Jan Ruffle on 01733 563 4444 or 892 748 / Sharon Saberton on 0777 984 9836 or visit the Retired Greyhound Trust web site at