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Film star seeks loving home

From abandoned puppy to film star in just ten months – Bruno’s life to date is a real roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Unfortunately, it still lacks the fairytale ending of a loving permanent home.

It all started just before Christmas last year when eight four-week-old mongrel puppies were dumped outside the PDSA centre in Swansea. They were taken to the local RSPCA kennels, from where Bruno was singled out by national charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

He was placed with one of the Charity’s volunteer socialisers, Bill Burn from Aylesbury, who discovered that the Lurcher lookalike was very affectionate and friendly. After being with Bill for seven months, Bruno then went back to the Hearing Dog centre in Buckinghamshire to start his advanced soundwork training.

Sadly, shortly after commencing his training, it was felt that he was probably not going to be suitable as a working hearing dog, and would be happier in a loving home as a family pet.

However, before the Charity could even begin to look for the right home for Bruno, along came his chance for fame and he grabbed it with all four paws.

Steve Earls, a director working at the London International Film School, was looking for a Lurcher to star in a short film called Superpowers being shot on location in London. He approached Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and Bruno - pictured below on location - fitted the bill perfectly. He spent two days filming, and coped with his new career admirably, not missing a single cue or fluffing a line, and like all good celebrities he acknowledged his growing number of fans - with an enthusiastic wag of his tail!

However, with the filming over and no call as yet from Steven Spielberg, Bruno’s main aim now is to find the perfect home where he can enjoy exercise, warmth and food, but most of all - lots of love.

After all, isn’t that what all film stars crave?