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Third alleged cruelty case dropped

A DOG trainer who hanged a pet from a lead so it foamed at the mouth has had a third case against him dropped by the RSPCA.

Stephen Barry King, an American dog trainer who trained dogs from his centre in Barne Road, Bexley, Kent was found guilty last month at Marylebone Magistrates' Court of cruelty, causing unnecessary suffering and terrifying a client’s Bull Terrier. The case had been brought by the RSPCA after they had investigated King’s activities, following an expose of his methods in the animal rights magazine Ooze.

(We would like to make it clear that this article relates to Stephen Barry King, an American trainer, and not to Stephen G. King, the well known trainer who practices in Romford, Essex and who is the owner of Crosskeys Pet Care Centre and Crosskeys Select Books Ed.)

At Marylebone Magistrates’ Court Miss Odette Hamilton, of Messent Road, Eltham, south east London told the court of her horror when she saw Stephen Barry King ‘helicoptering' her two-year-old dog Gunner from a lead which twisted and swung a foot above the ground.

In August King had been convicted at Camberwell Magistrates’ Court for similar offences and cruelly terrifying another dog and was fined £350.