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Dezynadog’s grooming for a living roadshow in Luton

Putteridge Recreation Centre, Luton was the venue for Dezynadog’s Grooming For A Living Roadshow on 6th October 2002. It was the ideal place for the 300 Groomers who gathered from all parts of the UK to attend the popular event.

At 10am Carol Flatt made her welcome speech and apologised for some changes to the advertised programme but, due to many last minute problems, some of the grooming demonstrations had to be altered. Unfortunately these things do happen but luckily there were other people ready to step in.

First on the agenda was Heidi Anderton of Absolutely Animals, London. She highlighted the importance of education and qualifications, and gave some useful advice on how to run a successful grooming business. Then, the College of Animal Welfare gave a talk about First Aid in the Grooming Salon. While this was going on the grooming demonstration started.

Ann Flynn and Donna Hogan demonstrated the correct use of crackers on the show Yorkshire Terrier. Unfortunately, the pet trim of the Yorkshire Terrier had been cancelled due to the demonstrator being ill. However a pet Yorkie was plucked from the audience and Ann and Donna stepped in and also showed how to trim the pet yorkie. Once again, Rodney Eastall (Daedal) demonstrated how to clip the Airedale Terrier and how to handstrip the show Airedale. Rodney has been exhibiting this breed for 10 years and his demonstrations are always popular at the GFAL seminars.

Lee Cox of Kaston Kennels, Somerset was due to bring an American Cocker, but unfortunately his bitch came into season and could not be taken to the seminar. However, not wanting to disappoint the audience he brought along some very friendly and laid back Persian Cats instead. Cat grooming is still a specialised service in the grooming industry, but if all cats were as well behaved as those models, everyone would be cat grooming! When one of the delegates heard about the cancellation of the American Cocker demonstration they rushed home and returned with their own American Cockers and were delighted to have Lee and Anita Bax groom their dogs.

Pet trimming of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was demonstrated by Pat Hutton and Sandra Harper. This is the type of demonstration Groomers love as they see many of this breed in their salons. They come in all shapes and sizes and coat texture. Pat and Sandra showed two different ways of trimming this breed, depending on the coat type. One was clipped and the other was trimmed using a coat king. Unfortunately the person who was due to bring the show Cavalier was unable to attend. It would have been interesting to see yet another technique on how to trim this breed. The Coat king was also a popular tool with Charmaine Ennis Whelan who showed how it could be used to thin out the thick coat of the pet Golden Retriever.

As well as helping with the American Cocker demonstration, Anita Bax demonstrated how to trim the pet Shih Tzu. This breed, as well as the Lhasa Apso, is becoming very popular.

However, owners rarely want to keep the full coat, so Anita showed how to put these types of dog into a short but attractive style, with expert clipping and scissoring techniques. As if that was not enough, she also brought along a Toy Poodle in show trim to demonstrate the work involved in the care of this coat.

The afternoon was just as busy as the morning, with the City & Guilds practical examination demonstrations once again presented by Diana North, Jane Pavely, Paddie Paws Dog Grooming, showed how to trim the West Highland Terrier. Heidi Anderton trimmed the Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle was trimmed by Linda Doherty of Fields View Kennels, Fenstanton. As usual, this was a very popular part to the show with lots of audience participation. Once the demonstration was finished Diana returned to her advice desk and was inundated with more queries from Groomers interested in qualifications. Other grooming demonstrations that afternoon were the pet Old English Sheepdog by Jan Newdick of Dezynapet and show trimming by Gill Mills (Mophill). Pauline Friedlander, also from Dezynapet, demonstrated the clipping of the Scottish Terrier. The show Cairn Terrier was demonstrated by Jane Keeves and Maxine Bennett (Seveek & Maxiveek affixes) and the Irish Water Spaniel by jane Wakerley (Gallyhill) And to round off the day, once again, Lee Cox demonstrated his skill of scissoring a Standard Poodle.

As usual the Dezynadog team were kept busy as their well stocked trade stand and Cliverton Insurance Brokers were there to deal with Groomers’ queries on insurance. A new stand at the GFAL Roadshow was from Northern Groomers, who produce the UK’s only grooming trade magazine. It was a very worthwhile day for them as they were kept busy all day with new subscribers, keen to keep in touch with the professional grooming industry.

A great day was enjoyed by all at what was probably the busiest GFAL show yet. Don’t miss the next shows planned near Bristol and the M62. For more details telephone Dezynadog on 01553 816400.

Tricia McQuire