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Don’t do a ‘Norris’ on your dog this Christmas!

To make sure your dog doesn’t meet the same fate as Coronation Street’s Mr Woo Armitage Pet Care is advising you to think twice before feeding your dog human chocs this Christmas as it could make your pooch very ill, or even, as with the Corrie Shih Tzu, be fatal.

To make sure your dog doesn’t miss out Armitage has developed a specially formulated ‘dog safe’ chocolate and they even have a choccie Christmas cake. The cake is a wholemeal Binzo biscuit, which is tasty and high in protein. It also aids digestion and is good for teeth and gums. The biscuit is smothered in the specially formulated chocolate that is blended with vitamins A, D3 and E for healthy skin, bone growth and eyesight. The cake is topped with an icing lozenge.

Not many owners (including Norris) know that chocolate designed for humans is in fact toxic to dogs! Theobromine and Caffeine, both ingredients of cocoa, are alkaloids that have the effect of stimulants and because a dog’s excretion rate of these ingredients from the body is much slower than humans, the effects can become accumulative and cause illness. Small dogs like Mr Woo are particularly at risk.

Carefully manufactured to be completely safe the Armitage Christmas cake is a specially formulated chocolate substitute and is a tasty festive treat for your pooch. Armitage offer a wide range of safe chocolate products in their Good Boy range including Choc Drops that are blended with vitamins A, D3 and E for healthy skin, bone growth and eyesight.