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K C hears Gatheral sisters’ ban appeal

A TEN year ban from all canine activities imposed upon sisters Mary and Caroline Gatheral by the Kennel Club two years ago was due to be heard by the KC on Thursday of this week.

In the year 2000 the General Committee considered a K C Rule A43 disciplinary procedure following the sisters' conviction for causing unnecessary suffering to a number of dogs taken from their home by the RSPCA.

The sisters, Mary 63, and Caroline, 65, were prosecuted after RSPCA Inspectors visited their home, Sockburn Hall at Neasham, near Darlington, Co.Durham in October 1999.


It is believed that the Misses Gatheral will be seeking to overturn the KC ruling by using the precedent set in October 2001 when the KC was forced by the High Court to reduce a five year ban handed down to Newfoundland breeder Phyllis Colgan to three years, after the court ruled that the length of the ban was disproportionate to the severity of the offence.

In Mrs Colgan’s case this was the accidental death by heat exhaustion of a number of her dogs which she was transporting in a van from Suffolk to Derbyshire.

We will carry a full report on the appeal in next week’s issue.