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Kennel Club receives commendation
for its ‘dangerous dog’ work

LAST Tuesday, Caroline Kisko, the Kennel Club Secretary, travelled to New Scotland Yard to receive a Commendation from Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens - head of the Metropolitan Police Services Operational Policy Support Unit - for ‘outstanding work in the administration of the police response to Dangerous Dogs’.

This award follows six months of combined effort by the Metropolitan Police, the Kennel Club and the Dog Legislation Advisory Group (DLAG) in which all parties have been working together to release dogs held in kennels for various reasons under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. These dogs do not pose a threat to public safety, but have had to be held ‘in limbo’ due to circumstances such as the owner now resident overseas, or simply no longer wanting the animal.

Said Chief Superintendent Ovens, who has had direct involvement with the issue and presented Caroline with the Commendation, "We are very grateful to the Kennel Club who have been instrumental in assisting us in obtaining a release for those dogs which pose no risk to the public. Some have been in kennels for a great deal of time, which has welfare implications for the animals in question and significant costs to the taxpayer."

Caroline continued, "The Kennel Club is delighted to have received this Commendation and we would like to thank the Metropolitan Police Service for their understanding and recognition of all the positive work that has been undertaken with regard to this important issue. At the same time we recognise members of the DLAG and other organisations and individuals from the canine world who have assisted us with our endeavours."

It is envisaged that discussions between the KC and the Metropolitan Police Service will remain open, with the intention of releasing further dogs, once all necessary safeguards that are in place have been met. The Kennel Club continues to play an active role in lobbying against the injustices of the draconian UK DDA 91 and the threat of further breed specific legislation in Europe and other areas of the world. It remains concerned about the spread of punitive ‘anti-dog’ legislation and will continue to actively oppose any laws that it feels will have a negative effect on ‘man’s best friend’.

Caroline concluded, "After many years of ‘wrangling’ over seized dogs under the DDA, we are extremely pleased that the Metropolitan Police have adopted a bold stance and decided to address the situation, ultimately for the benefit of these dogs, which is of course the KC’s chief concern. Our hope now is that other constabularies throughout the country who are also holding dogs under the DDA, will work with us. It is quite clear that a healthy percentage of the seized dogs pose no threat whatsoever to the public and, after rigorous assessment, should be released to live long and happy lives in loving, fireside homes, rather than languishing in kennels. It will be our intention to get as many of the dogs released as possible, to enjoy the rest of their lives in comfort."

If readers would like to become further involved in the Kennel Club’s work to protect and promote the dog’s varied roles in society, please go to, or telephone the Press Office directly on 020 7518 1008/1020.