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Bulldog of the Year 2002

Bulldog of the Year 2002: Shiloh Patchwork at Kismond JW

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Judges: Mrs Terry Brunton - Miss Susan Jay - Miss Vicki Roach


Bulldog of the Year 2002: Shiloh Patchwork at Kismond JW
Best Opposite Sex: Mystyle Kees
Reserve Best Dog: Ch Mystyle Golden Wonder
Reserve Best Bitch: Ch Nobozz She Rocked my World


Balfour Doctor Chippen JW 31.07.00, Br Exh M&Mrs Brighton, Ch Outdoors Sinbad - Balfour Katiedown Did It

Ch Jaqles the Shaman 15.11.00, Br Exh Lunt&Smith, Trimbul Reuben - Jaqles Smart Cookie

Ch Calibra Krugerrand 12.10.98, Br Exh Mrs Linda Martin, Bramptoms Mr Douglas - Calibra Living Doll

Ch Belushi Tommy Gun 30.06.99, Br Exh Rodgers&Fletchers, Belushi Rhythm Dancer at Fearnought - Belushi Pride and Joy


Sabany Nice on Ice 11.10.00, Br Exh Banner&Stokes, Belushi Woodcutter of Princebishop - Sabany Gin n Tonic

Rowendale Brandy Truffle 20.10.00, Br Exh Miss Davis, Brampton Mr Douglas - Rowendale Goldie Locks

Tupeleecious Lady Tamara at Mystyle 20.11.00, Br Miss Gilbert, Owned by Kevin Davis, Gwenstan Banjo Boy - Clowater Lady of Ocobo

Mystyle Madonna 08.05.01, Br Exh Kevin Davis, Mystyle McVicar - Terlingfair Flirtie Girtie of Mystyle

Ch Outdoors Angeleca 29.11.00, Br Exh Brian Daws, Lauwin Field Marshall - Outdoors Sophie

Aldridge Angela at Kikuchi 17.09.97, Br Les Cotton, Owned by Mr&Mrs Evison, Lynmans Living Legend - Aldridge Apalena

Ch Britishpride Missoni 06.10.00, Br Exh Mrs Goodwin, Ch Britishpride the Sandman - Ch Britishpride Moschino

Braconbull Helenatroy 11.10.00, Br Exh Monsey&Bowles, Geewhiz Trojan - Braconbull Babe

Ch Fearnought Born to be Blue 31.08.99, Br Exh Mr Payne, Ch Merriveen Make my Day - Esse Flamboyant for Fearnought

Isgraig Sapphire 18.10.00, Br Exh Bill Roberts, Belushi Rhythm and Blues - Isgraig Celtic Lady