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Three Beagles, including a recently titled Champion bitch, have been stolen from the home of Jeff and Jane May of the Janfrey Beagles at Ashperton near Ledbury, Herefordshire.

On Monday afternoon, Mr May returned from collecting his two children from school to discover that six dogs were missing from their kennel block.

Three of them were quickly found at a nearby farm but the farmer had seen two men putting three dogs into a dark blue car. A car of this colour had been seen in a private lane near the Mays' home two weeks earlier.
The missing dogs are seven year old Janfrey Oliver, a blanketed tricolour male, Ch Dufosee Petrina, the three year old open-marked tricolour who won her third CC at Richmond this year, and two year old Janfrey Violet, who is also open-marked.

The entire family has been devastated by this cruel theft and it is suspected that the Beagles could have been stolen to order, either for a puppy farm in this country or possibly export. Police are currently investigating the theft and a substantial reward is offered for information leading to the dogs' safe recovery.

Anyone with any information or suspicions should contact Jeff and Jane May on 01531-670064 or Mrs May's mother, Veronica Bradley, on 01432-870416