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Judges development programme enters its third year

The third year of the Judges’ Development Programme organised for the Terrier Group ended with a two-day workshop held at the Canine Academy, Tollerton, Notts. on Wednesday and Thursday, 13th. and 14th. November. This was the fifth session to be held, following the Kennel Club’s initiative to help in the education and development of judges on a group basis.

The first day was devoted entirely to Bull Terriers, the Standards being covered by Dr Brian Hill and the Miniatures by Dominic Clark. On the second day, Mrs Margaret House and Steve Howe lectured on the Soft Coated Wheatens, followed by Judy Averis, Welsh and Phillip Greenway, Lakelands. All were ably supported by helpers handling the many exhibits brought along to illustrate the points of the breeds and provide invaluable hands-on experience.

Eighteen candidates attended and entered into a very lively discussion throughout, posing well-thought out questions which required equally lengthy, well-thought out answers from the breed experts. Everyone involved voted it a huge success and most beneficial.

All candidates attending must have previously been approved for at least three terrier breeds at championship level before being invited to participate. A number of these are already established Group Judges. Many of the candidates attending had previously awarded CCs to some of the breeds concerned. This helps raise the level of the debate by being able to draw upon first-hand experience. A panel of established terrier specialists has been appointed to assess new candidates and provide its views to the KC Judges Sub Committee.

These views will be used when the candidates come up for approval to award CCs to the breeds concerned. The Judges’ Sub Committee has confirmed that it will in future pay particular attention to the views of such group society Judges’ Development Panels in arriving at its decisions.


Thanks are extended to all those who have assisted in putting on the workshops, including those who have given their time to make such professional presentations on the breeds covered and to those who brought dogs along to assist. Their involvement has been invaluable.

The next two-day session of the Terrier Group JDP is to be held on January 15th and 16th 2003. The breeds scheduled are Irish, Manchester, Cesky and Australian Terriers. When all the breeds within the group have been covered, it is the intention that the process will be repeated, both for the benefit of new candidates as they become eligible and as a refresher course for the current candidates. This ongoing programme will enable suggestions made by those involved to be included in future sessions.