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Rabart Superpup 2002

At the start of procedings all 27 competitors lined up for this photo

PUDSEY AND District Ringcraft Club arranged for the third year running the ‘Rabart’ Superpup Competition in association with Royal Canin, held on 19th October 2002. I was very honoured to be invited to judge this special event - we have nothing similar in Sweden. I envy you that you can come together on a Saturday evening to eat, socialise and to admire beautiful promising puppies. I think the whole evening was fantastic and I would like to thank Peter Broadbent and Christine Cooper, co-ordinator and secretary of the Club, who had the courage to invite me. My sincere thanks are also of course directed to the exhibitors and their clubs who entered very good and promising dogs under me.

Twenty seven dogs were nominated by different clubs to take part in the competition. This is about what this venue can take. The hall, under a church, had been prepared superbly with a nice carpet for the dogs to walk on and with enough space for those who were taking part in the event with a good buffet and bar.

It is an adventure to judge a match show. In some matches two excellent dogs met and one of them had to be the winner, and in others the winner was more clear cut. This was a new experience for me and when I looked at the line up of unbeaten dogs I was quite satisfied with my choices. There were 13 unbeaten dogs to choose from. After another assessment I pulled out five for a final decision: all were very good representatives of their respective breeds: Nadavin Juliana, a Field Spaniel nominated by The Field Spaniel Society; Astrozone Special Brew, an Irish Setter nominated by Pudsey & District Ringcraft Club; Bryburn Annastayshere, a German Shorthaired Pointer, nominated by North Riding Gundog Club; Anshee The Stone Mason, an Akita Inu nominated by Newton Aycliffe & DCS, and De Soto Bot at Fincham, a smooth Fox Terrier nominated by Birdwell Ringcraft.

These five are all excellent and outstanding dogs of very high quality. After having assessed their movement once more I made my decision. There was very little that parted the two winners. I would rather have given them both the top spot, but as this was not possible and I had to choose a winner, which was the German Shorthaired Pointer Bryburn Annastayshere. This young bitch is a very good representative of her breed with a feminine head and a sweet expression. She is of correct size, has a good bone structure with excellent tight feet and superb angulations, which gives her a floating movement, which is parallel when seen from behind. Her body has a good and deep brisket of enough length; the back is strong with a good loin and a well set on tail. Congratulations to her owner and handler.

Runner up was the Akita Anshee The Stone Mason. This is an impressive dog with great ring presence. He is very well developed for his age and big with great bone and substance. The head is beautiful and masculine with broad head and strong muzzle. The expression of this dog is very good with small eyes and nice ears. The neck is muscular and the body is strong with a good loin. The angulations both in the front and at the back are good and the movement is powerful.

After this round it was time to select a winner among the beaten dogs, the Plate winner.

This was also a selection of good puppies and each of them was just unlucky to meet another dog that in my opinion was better. The Plate winner was the Miniature Schnauzer Acasia Silver Buttons, nominated by Stocksbridge DCS. This is a nice little dog with good head and expression. Nice neck and shoulder and good short body. Trimmed and shown to perfection. A worthy Plate winner.

This evening will survive in my memory a long time and I wish all the best for the future for the dogs that were shown under me and for this hard working club.

Lennart Stahle - Sweden

Winner was Mr & Mrs Thurm’s GSP Bryburn Annastayshere representing
North Riding Gundog Club seen here with judge Mr Lennart Stahle