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Supporters’ final campaign
to prevent complete hunt ban

Following the leaked plans to legislate against hunting with dogs supporters will try to preserve some form of hunting.

It is expected that the announcement will be made by rural affairs minister Alun Michael before Christmas outlining the ‘proposals and legislation on the principles of utility and the eradication of cruelty’.

It is generally understood that the new proposed law will divided into three areas, a total ban for some hunts, some will be permitted and some will have justify that their permit is granted,

It is thought by insiders that hare coursing and stag hunting will be banned completely.

The Countryside Alliance’s Campaign for Hunting has published a list of ‘new principles for modern hunting’. In them they say that ‘hunting fulfils the important utility function by maintaining the populations of quarry species at levels acceptable to land managers, as well as providing irreplaceable economic, social and cultural value to the communities in which they take place’.

The alliance said in a ‘declaration of cohesion’ after the Queen’s Speech, ‘a partial ban on legitimate hunting has no evidence to support it, it is based on prejudice not good sense and would be fought with implacable resolve and with all lawful means at our disposal’.