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Clarges Street gallery given the green light

the gallery will incorporate some of the display cabinets in the club

WAT THE Bi-annual General Meeting of the Kennel Club held last week in London the 167 members present (22% of the total) gave approval for the club to spend £300,000 on the area on the ground floor in clarges Street set aside for the picture gallery and display of Kennel Club trophies and artifacts.

Approval was sought after a convincing powerpoint presentation by Mrs Valerie Foss who explained that the committee had gone out to tender for the development of the area. Written to a tight brief the proposed contract had to embrace many aspects and criteria to fulfil the needs of members, staff and the public who will be able to use the resource.

The area will allow semi-permanent, themed or cyclical displays as well as hanging space for the many fine paintings owned by the Kennel Club. It will also have study areas built into the facility. Fibre-optic lighting will also be used to illuminate pictures and displays and full air-conditioning will help to preserve the valuable items. space for a meeting room would also be made for clubs to hire.
It is likely that the work will commence in January 2003 and will be completed by May and will be in the hands of Real Studios of south London. A project manager will oversee the development and the Kennel club will be represented by Mrs rosemary Smart and Mrs Caroline Kisko.

As item 7 of a short Bi AGM paper Mrs Foss was called upon only 14 minutes into the meeting and spoke for 17 minutes to the sequence of powerpoint images and artist impressions. The proposal was seconded by Mr Norman Ziman, Chairman of the KC Club Committee.

Speaking as one of the few who had been re-admitted as a member of the club, Dr Malcolm Willis pointed out that security would have to be tight particularly if the public was to be admitted. Lord Hardy welcomed the move to celebrated the dog and its association with man whilst one recently retired member from the big commercial sector said that he felt it was excellent value given the cost of trade stand construction a major events!

A twelve seater meeting table will also house computer terminals

As with all such expediture a two thirds majority was needed and the proposal was passed without opposition.

The chairman’s address or notes to members had been released earlier with the minutes of the meeting and in the canine press last week which saved some considerable time and allowed members to digest the progress of Kennel Club related business matters.

Pointing this out, Chairman Mr ronnie Irving, paid tribute to past chairman Mr Peter James, the re-launch the KC Services in September which had been a great success and the medium term objectives of the General Committee of the Kennel Club to raise the profile of the KC in the public eye in relation to all canine activities.

There being no General Business to conduct only two other items troubled the members. one dealt with a change of the A rules in relation to the ‘cover all position and acknowledgement of the decision making powers of all sub-committees’ allowing the General Committee to authorise such powers to the sub-committees therefore changing Rule A and annex B with immediate effect.

there was also a change to Rule A(B) 3b regarding the function of the Show Executive.

Additional to this rule is now section (2) which reads - ‘To act for the General Committee in hearing and deciding upon breaches of relevant Kennel Club Regulations’. Similar changes were proposed to Rule A (B) 6b/7b/A33d/A42h. All changes were carried and have immediate effect.

The meeting closed at 11.54am, lasting only 39 minutes just as some members arrived late, at the royal Aeronautical Society having the suffered the vagaries of modern rail travel, but in time for a good lunch.