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Is your dog another victim of fireworks?

Gone are the days when Bonfire Night was on November 5 - it lasts for above a month! Over the past few weeks leading up to Bonfire Night and beyound, Manchester Dogs’ Home in Harpurhey has admitted a large number of dogs. This has been put down to the annual problem of dogs running blindly away from fireworks and becoming disorientated and lost.

Dogs will run miles and miles in panic and then, when they have calmed down or are too exhausted to carry on, they cannot find their way back home. Many of these dogs end up in the Manchester Dogs’ Home catchment area and are picked up by Dog Wardens or are taken to police stations by members of the public who find them wandering.

If your dog has gone missing in the Manchester area over the last few weeks, please visit Manchester Dogs’ Home to see if your pet is here. The Home has over 200 dogs on its rehoming row alone. These dogs must have been cared for by somebody until recently. Your dog may be here waiting for you to claim him.

If you are thinking of getting a dog, please visit the home and ‘Give a dog a chance’. The home is open seven days a week from 1pm. Tel 0161-205 2874.