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Pets As Therapy wins Haines-Watts award

The prestigious BKR Haines - Watts Award 2002 has been won by the charity Pets As Therapy.

The award was presented at a special ceremony at The Customs House in South Tyneside last week to Maureen Hennis the Northern Director of Pets As Therapy. Mr. Steven Lightley made the presentation on behalf of BKR Haines-Watts, who give this award annually for 'Innovation in non-clinical areas of NHS Trust'.

Maureen Hennis said ‘Pets As Therapy are delighted to receive this award on behalf of all the volunteers visiting with their wonderful PAT dogs and PAT cats.

‘The work our volunteers undertake is phenomenal. Over 100,000 patients in Hospitals, Hospices, Residential Homes, Day Care Centres, Special needs schools etc., benefit from visits from registered PAT dogs and cats throughout the U.K..

‘Many Volunteers are now helping with treatments and therapy e.g. with stroke victims, phobic patients, people who are depressed, as well as with the elderly and sick who have had to give up their own pets. It is a great honour to receive this award which is testament to the benefits of PAT dogs and PAT cats’.