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World record attempt at All About Dogs event

All About Dogs, one of the most comprehensive canine events in Europe, which is being held at Brentwood in Essex on the weekend of 10th/11th May 2003, is planning yet another spectacular part to the show and set a world record for the largest completed agility course.
For the past two years the Down-a-thon, the world’s biggest down stay and training class, with over four hundred dogs taking part, has been part of the show, mainly with obedience trained dogs, and has raised several thousand pounds for Charity. This year, the organisers, The Essex Dog Display Team, would like to involve the agility world for this world record attempt.

The concept is to place as many pieces of agility type equipment, as a set course, in the arena and teams of dogs would negotiate the mammoth course.
No dog would be permitted to negotiate more than 15 obstacles.

There will be 3 categories to the course, to be held throughout the event:

(1) all dogs and handlers to complete their section of the course (max.15 per dog) in the largest course attempt

(2) all dogs and handlers to complete a section of the course in a fastest time attempt

(3) all dogs and handlers to complete the course in the clear round attempt

The organisers are looking for up to three hundred pieces of equipment for the course, some they will be supplying themselves, but they are calling on agility clubs to help and supply sets or pieces of equipment to help in this exciting and unique event. Of course, stewards will play an important part to ensure that everything is correct.

A specially produced Certificate is being commissioned to confirm attendance and achievements and will be presented by Peter Purves, well known celebrity and ‘doggie man’.
Agility clubs, enthusiasts and professionals are asked to submit names of dogs and handlers, they wish to be considered to take part in this unique event. Experienced stewards will also be required. A very important role will be the person who is selected as course master, who will be in charge of setting a realistic course for the event.

If you wish to take part contact Roy Dyer on 01277-226624 or
e. mail as quickly as possible.