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Cavaliers walk to record total

DOG LOVERS and their pets recently raised a record amount on a sponsored dog walk and fun show, organised by Friends of the Cavalier.

So successful was the day that £3,341.81 was raised, and this has been donated to the ckcs Club’s Lub-Dub fund.

The organisers, Pam Lewis, Ros Loades, Eleanor Mancey and Janet Waller (aka Friends of the CKCS), wish to thank everyone for their participation and donations.

The money from this event now brings the total raised by the ckcs Club’s Lub-Dub appeal up to the £17,000 mark required to sponsor an MSc student to work on a research project into heart disease in the breed.

The research will be undertaken by the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, in collaboration with the University College, Galway.

The project will undertake important research to find out why heart cells that are important in maintaining healthy heart valves fail, and to look to find the triggers which start the disease process, with the hope that in time it will be possible to prevent or reverse the disease.

Details about the Lub-Dub fund and the research project are available on