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A ripe old age - thanks to veggies

A BRITISH dogs is officially the oldest dog in the UK and a clear contender for the title of oldest dog in the world – thanks to a vegetarian diet!

Two-year-old Border Collie Bramble, from Bridgwater, Somerset was lucky to be alive to start with when she narrowly escaped drowning in a disastrous flood at a shelter in west Wales
According to the Sunday Telegraph, Bramble, living in Bridgewater, Somerset, has just celebrated her 27th birthday, making her Britain's oldest living dog and a contender for the oldest dog in the world.

Bramble’s owner, Anne Heritage, 43, describes how Bramble survived at least one near-death-experience right at the outset in February 1977:

"The day after we brought her home, the New Quay rescue centre kennels flooded and the other dogs drowned," says Ms. Heritage. "So she's been incredibly lucky."

Aside from luck, Bramble's secret to longevity is a vegetarian diet. Ms. Heritage is a vegan and has brought up her pet on the same diet regime she herself follows. "She has a big bowl of rice, lentils and organic vegetables every evening," says Ms. Heritage.

In addition to healthy eating, exercise is a must. Last year while recovering from a back injury which doctors said could have paralysed her, Bramble began taking swimming lessons at a canine hydrotherapy pool in Stolford. She now enjoys a weekly dip every Friday for half an hour.

Says Ms. Heritage: "She's an inspiration and just goes to show that if you do eat the right things and keep on exercising, you can extend your life."