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A year of success for Wood Green Animal Shelters

WOOD GREEN Animal Shelters has demonstrated its excellence in the field of animal welfare through the pages of its Annual Report for the year 2001/2002.

The new report, published this week, focuses on various aspects of the charity’s work, as well as detailing its financial performance over the period.

The animal charity, which began in 1924, not only continues to successfully rehome the thousands of lost and unwanted animals finding their way through its doors, the report shows that its expertise and knowledge is enhancing this work in the best possible way.

With the help of new animal accommodation Wood Green has improved the rate of rehoming by halving the amount of time the animals stay at the Shelter; from 35 days to a commendable 17 days. This has had a knock on effect in that rehoming donations have risen by 17%.

Peter Burton, Chairman of Trustees for Wood Green Animal Shelters, ‘Wood Green does not intend to become the largest charity in the country, but with our supporters’ help and the excellent work that we do, it certainly aims to be the best.’

The animal welfare charity overcame the damage caused by last year’s Foot and Mouth crisis with the committed help of staff, volunteers and supporters. Running the three Wood Green sites costs the charity £10,000 a day; this would not be possible without the continued support from these sources and the generosity of the general public.